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What is Formatting? Why it is important?


What is formatting?

Formatting means How exactly your content looks and behaves on screen. It is similar technical task that one expects from their DTP operator or the publisher to do about their content. For example… “Make this bold…”, “make paragraph here..”, “Underline this….”, “Enlarge title… make it bold and big…”. These are just few examples; actually the technical part is much more than Bold, italics and underline.

Why formatting is required?

For print books the formatting is simple because the book is going to remain of same size throughout but in eBooks it requires working every minute details so that even the gadget may change the performance your eBook shall remain same.

Poor formatting disturbs, distracts and disappoints your buyer reader.

Without proper formatting your text, images, links and overall eBook may behave in very unpleasant manner.

How Bronato solves the formatting challenge?

At Bronato every word, every sentence and every paragraph will be Formatted as per your expectations. If you have already a print book then the formatting is done as per the print book so that your buyer readers will have similar experience of reading your print book. So that whether the reader is reading your eBook on smartphone or a tablet he/she experiences flaw less reading.

Right formatting motivates the buyer-reader to continue reading.


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