E-Book Publications

On Kindle and Google Play Books.

Bronato is passionate for publishing your E-Book as per your requirements.

  1. Paper Books to E-Book- We take printed books and convert them to E-book and republish them.
  2. Direct E-Book- Send us the Manuscript in Unicode font in Microsoft word and rest will be done by us.
  3. Google Play Books- We Publish your E-Book on Google Play Books and Google makes it available in 75 countries for sales.
  4. Kindle- We also publish books on Kindle store so that our authors and publishers can cover more market.

Currently we are offering services for Marathi, Hindi, English language.


Keep growing as a Writer.

Writing is the process of evolution. And more you write the better you become. Hence Bronato is providing 'Blog' for your art of writing. Our registered authors can post short stories or series of stories or literature related guidelines. So sign up and post your story now.

Digital Publishing Services

For Publishers

Bronato believes in 'Growing Together'. All Publishers are our Friends. Hence we provide our services to other publishers who are masters in Print publishing and are willing to expand in E-book arena without heavy investment.