The Perfect Encounter- Arun Harkare

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‘The Perfect Encounter’ has been a dream and ambition especially after seeing the court proceedings. Since last 30 years I have been writing police stories. I have seen many criminals caught by police. Police department do lot of hard work to catch hold of criminals. Years get investigated during investigation but when these criminals are taken to court, they get bail and even clean chit in many times. That’s because nobody is ready to speak against them. Criminals do out of court settlement with witnesses by threatening them or paying them and if that doesn’t work, even by killing them. People are aware of this so nobody comes forward. All the hard work done by police goes in vain.
In some cases, police gets witness and criminals get punishment. The gangsters or criminals go in jail but they pay money or put pressure on jailor and enjoy the life in jail. At times, some powerful forces from outside make sure those criminals get all the comforts of life within jail. The money people pay in taxes is spent on salary of judges, government lawyers and jail people and this investment is not for a week or month but for 10 to 15 years.
We don’t have sufficient jails so judges give criminals bail. Criminals come out and do crime again. Police again start investigation and cycle goes on.
Comparing to other countries, we have huge population but limited police force. There is lot of political interference too. Against all the odds, police is expected to control the crime and maintain law and order.
What we should do to stop crime? The novel tries to address the same issue.
– Arun Harkare



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