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By our basic nature, we humans, always tend to not accept things as they are. We seem to have an irrepressible urge to make some changes or improvements which are of our liking or we think are more suitable or beneficial to us taking into consideration our needs. For example, if you book an ultra-luxury four-bedroom apartment from a very reputed builder in Town and you and your spouse get involved in its building processes right from the word “GO”, I bet that after moving in, you will, still, think of endless additional things and get them done before you really settle down.

But for such urge in us, we perhaps would be still living in caves, wearing semblance of clothes made from tree leaves and eating food from gathering fruits, nuts and hunting animals in the jungles. Or, say, we would be still using Ford’s Model T as our car, Write Brothers’ rickety flying machine as our airline and typing our letters on noisy type writers. But we do Not Do that. We want everything in its most updated version.

Unfortunately, we do not display similar urge to uprate ourselves. We are happy to accept our Personalities as they are. Our present personality is a function of our parentage, our DNA, our family and social surroundings, our schooling, our friends circle and so on evolved over a period of long time. The end result as you are today may not be suitable to your present responsibilities, roles or goals you might have set up for yourself.

This logic calls for an urgent Enhancement of your Personality to tune it perfectly with your Roles Today as well as Tomorrow.

As a practical Tool to achieve this, I have written this No-nonsense Practical Book listing the vital Positive traits of Personality targeted for improvement, the Why and How of it.

The Readers of this Book are to improve themselves by following the Instructions/Guidelines given in the “HOW “Part of each Topic.


A Human Personality has many traits, aspects or attributes. For example, the Annual Performance Report of a Commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces may have as many as Fifty Four Personality attributes to report on taking Snap Shots of his Professional abilities, Social Awareness and Personal qualities.

To ensure we get tangible results, it will not be possible to cover a vast number of personality attributes. If we try to do so, the end results will be hazy, lukewarm and not of substantial benefit to the readers. Hence, I have selected only those Positive Personality traits that I consider most crucial and which, if improved upon even to some extent, will bring huge results by way of enhanced performance and high quality work. Also, the benefits will be in line with the level at which the person is working in the organization, that is, Operations, Managerial or Directional level.

A separate Lesson is devoted to each Personality trait. The First Part of the Lesson explains why that attribute is important and what it implies. The Second Part of the Lesson gives practical instructions and suggestions about How to inculcate and cultivate that attribute in your Personality.

Readers will improve themselves by following Instructions and Guidelines given in HOW Part of each Lesson. They will be their own Judge and Jury.

Further, readers can seek free advice from me through Phone/Email/WhatsApp whenever they feel the need to do so.



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