New Age Technology and Industrial Revolution 4.0- Dr Narendra Jadhav

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The rationale for this book comes straight from the latest G-20 declarations. The Group of Twenty (G-20) is perhaps the most powerful group of systemically important Advanced countries as well as developing economies—from the US to China and India.
The G-20 leaders met in Osaka, Japan on 28-29 June 2019 and issued a Declaration. This historic Declaration inter alia states:
i) We, the Leaders of the G-20, met in Osaka, Japan on 28-29 June 2019 to make united efforts to address major global economic challenges. We will work together to foster global economic growth, while harnessing the power of technological innovation, in particular digitalization, and its application for the benefit of all (Para 1).
ii) We will work toward achieving an inclusive, sustainable, safe, trustworthy and innovative society through digitalization and promoting the application of emerging technologies (Para 10).
iii) As digitalization is transforming every aspect of our economies and societies, we recognize the critical role played by effective use of data, as an enabler of economic growth, development and social well-being. We aim to promote international policy discussions to harness the full potential of data (Para 10).
iv) Cross-border flow of data, information, ideas and knowledge generates higher productivity, greater innovation, and improved sustainable development, while raising challenges related to privacy, data protection, intellectual property rights, and security (Para 11).
This book is all about addressing precisely the same set of issues which are underscored by the G-20, as concerns of great contemporary relevance.
This book is about the emerging New-Age Technology underlying the rapidly unfolding Industrial Revolution 4.0, its impact on economy and society, and implications for public policy in a global setting.
Part One of the book presents a primer on the New-Age Technology and its constituents, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Robotics, Blockchain, Automated Technology, Additive Manufacturing, Internet of Things and Augmented Reality.
Part Two of the book discusses potential impact of the New-Age Technology on economic growth, employment, socio-economic inequalities and human development besides the evolving Banking-Finance 4.0.
Part Three of the book dilates on the associated global public policy issues, including Right to Privacy, social media and democratic governance, cybersecurity, surveillance and threats to national security and world peace arising from weaponization of the technology. This part is roundedup by discussion of issues relating to regulation and strategic development of the New-Age Technology.
While the entire book is in a global setting, the final part of the book includes a brief chapter on India as a case study.
This book, probably the first of its kind, bringing it all together—technology, economy, society and national security, would benefit individuals, businesses, corporates, civil society as well as policymakers around the world.

-Narendra Jadhav



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