Moral Stories By Neela Sonalkar

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We are today living in a world fast-changing due to new technology emerging every day. The youth in present times are more into electronic gadgets and e-books are the norm of the day and of the coming future. The traditional book concept seems to be disappearing fast and the youth today will enjoy reading these e-stories.

I am glad to know that my dear friend and neighbour, Miss Neela Sonalkar has shown keen interest in writing short stories in English for the readers. Actually, I know Neela’s family even before her birth and as neighbours we have enjoyed together many festivals, celebrations and family functions.

I admire Neela’s literary creativity and her art of narration. The readers I am sure, will have good time reading these stories and they will benefit immensely. One can easily appreciate her themes and the moral one can draw from them.

I wish Neela more zeal and energy, to continue in expanding her passionate works and her profound interest in such endeavour.

This is real enrichment of her talent. I wish her all success in her future work.

Prof. Mrs. Nandita V. Rangnekar
Retired Head, Department of French
Elphinstone College, Mumbai,
Sydenham College of commerce and Economics.
Institute of Science, Mumbai



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