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“Memories & Mirages” is a unique cross-genre collection of more than 55 short stories and 50 poems brilliantly crafted by a diverse group of aspiring writers and some accomplished authors, who have come together from 14 different cities from all over India. The engaging stories and poems are off the beaten track and have a literary flair. You will not find the usual love stories or the mundane, as each author endeavored to weave an unusual tale, showcasing creativity in abundance and exceptional talent.
This anthology has imaginative stories which will inspire you, enrapture you, will take you on an intriguing journey to different places, make you laugh, scare you, make you lose yourself in reveries of childhood memories, make you fall in love, make you feel good and make you cry. The genres span a wide spectrum from memoir, romance, suspense thriller, science fiction, humour, horror, travelogue, feel-good stories, mythology retold, slice of life and so on, making it a fascinating book to cherish and revisit again and again.
Contributing Authors:
Vatsal Shah # Tulika Mukerjee Saha # Kajal Mehta # Debolina Coomar # Rupam Sabharwal # Banani Das Dhar # Hemali Ajmera # Aparna Prabhu # Ranjana Tripathi # Shalini Sharma Samnol # Geeta C. Yadav # Karan Purohit # Dipnanda Bhaduri Roy # Saswati Borthakur Dixit # Riya Jain # Tanya Yadav # Dr. Sheetal Nair # Radhika Dabral # Vedika Srivastava # Mamata Yogesh Patil # Vinisha Gupta Markan # Rinku Kansal # Anusha Garg # Harsha Sachdev # Manvi Sharma # Vaishnavi Gupta # Dhruvi Soni # Nitesh Chitranshi # Akanksha Bhatnagar # Pearl Shah

Vatsal Shah is an Architect & Interior Designer successfully practicing in Ahmedabad since seventeen years. Writing is his passion and ‘second love’ besides his profession. He writes haikus, poems and short stories, in time scooped out of his busy schedule. “Memories & Mirages” is his second book as compiler – editor after the success of “Wait Till I Tell You”.



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