Future of the Indian Education System- Dr. Narendra Jadhav

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This is probably the first book on the Indian Education System after the announcement of the National Education Policy, 2020 on 29 July 2020.
The Education System in India is easily one of the largest in the world. Fortuitously available Demographic Dividend to India must be harnessed or else there is a risk of a demographic disaster. This calls for concerted efforts to reform the Education and Skill Development sector in India.
After a gap of 34 years (since the New National Education Policy of 1986), a comprehensive National Education Policy has emerged. Is the National Education Policy, 2020 capable of addressing the complex challenges that the Indian Education System is currently facing and would be confronting in future?
This book attempts to analyse this issue in four parts. Part One presents the analytical foundation and various dimensions of the Indian Education System. This includes a detailed analysis of India’s educational attainments, an assessment of the current state of preparedness in India for harnessing and leveraging the demographic dividend and as a corollary, identification of gaps in terms of key indicators for an inclusive and equitable growth and development of India’s Education sector. Part Two brings together all major proposals put forth in the draft New Education Policy, 2019. Against that backdrop, Part Three presents a comprehensive, critical and constructive appraisal of the New Education Policy and Part Four provides a way forward in terms of a Programme of Action.
A Postscript has been added which draws a comparison between Draft NEP 2019 and NEP 2020. It not only offers an in-depth analysis of the additions, deletions and modifications therein, but also identifies the critical conditions under which the NEP 2020 could possibly be laying the foundation of New India of the 21st century.



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