Everyone Deserves A True Love- Prachi Mohite

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Love… What exactly is love? Different people have different opinions. For some, love calls in for trust, for some it’s another name for care.. but for Vedant, Love meant a simple act of caring and understanding.
Vedant, a simple, sweet, average looking boy who had high hopes from his life both personally and professionally! Never did he ever fell in love with anyone because for him, his love was his studies and his girlfriend was his career. But, things changed when he met Krutika.
Things were all lovey – dovey for the couple until Krutika left Vedant for the most silliest reason ever. His faith in love had died. Devastated Vedant still managed to pick up broken pieces of his heart & moved on…
Days turned into months and months turned into years.
Years passed away and then one fine day Krutika came back!
Why did Krutika come back after so many years? Will Vedant forgive Krutika and take her back in his life? Or will he move on with the new love of his life: Spruha!



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