Colours of Wings: Indian Birds By Kishor Joshi

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Starting bird photography was just a coincidence. Photography has been my passion right from childhood days. In 70s, my father bought me Kodak camera. Those days buying a quality camera for hobby was not common like today. But seeing my interest in drawing, my father always encouraged me with drawing & he was my first critic. He, by profession, was into technical field in BARC but he had amazing skill & eye for sketches & colours. He would always chide me about abnormality which I sometimes drew with Nature. Simple example was a tree branch would invariably grow upward which I on few occasions drew downward.
Buying professional camera like the one I have today – Nikon DSLR happened 7 years back with simple 18-55 mm lens. Soon I found that lens inadequate for long distance objects which forced me to buy 70-300 mm lens, now knowing that this field has no end. Somewhere in 2011-12, my first bird photography session happened near Karnala where I regularly visit. Ajit dada has a lovely farmhouse there which has almost every tree from mangoes to cherry. One fine morning I saw beautiful crimson backed sun bird perched on equally lovely tree which I clicked. That was the moment I decided to focus on flying beauties rather than other photography sections like landscapes, mammals, micro, still, food, fashion etc.
Initially, I started visiting nearby places in Mumbai which would give me practical experience clicking common birds like cattle Egrets, Shrikes, Prinia, Tailor bird, Ibis etc. Clicking slow gliding Egrets would give immense pleasure of photography. Finding my 70-300 mm lens insufficient to reach the birds more precisely that I went for telephoto lens Tamron 150-600 mm. The real bird photography journey started since fag end of 2014 & my life changed forever. Traveling to various locations for bird photography is integral part which is expensive & time consuming. It invariably disturbs family life but no gain without compromises.
Facebook provided much needed platform to showcase my bird photographs. One day Mr. Mandar Joshi – Editor of MI MARATHI E Newspaper appreciated my clicks on Facebook & enquired if I would be interested in sharing those clicks along with information of each bird a day for the newspaper. Ornithology is vast subject which includes study relating to anatomy, behavior, habitat, migration etc. whereas I was more into photography. However, this opportunity gave me different perspective & knowing the bird became habit. Lot of information is available on Net but using various books like one from Great Dr. Salim Ali would provide us knowledge of this fascinating world of colourful wings. A stage came when few of my clicks were framed & displayed at Art Shows. Thanks to Mr. Guruprio Paul.
Now its E world & idea of bringing out a book on Bird photography was lingering in my mind for a year or so. Printing a book has become outdated. But friend like Mr. Hemant Ghadi instantly helped me out to reach proper person for E Book – Mr. Shailesh Khadtare. Today I am here with my first book which I dedicate to my most loving father Mr. Nariman Joshi (Narendra D Joshi). I also thank my friends like Mr. Suru Nair, who have been guiding force for bird photography. Without you friends, this is not possible.



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