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Our publication services


Hey this is something we are quite known for.
We publish eBooks on Kindle and Google formats as per the requirements of the authors.

Print to E-Book conversion

If you have your book already printed and don’t have its soft copy then don’t worry. we will covert your print book in to an eBook. You just need to provide us 1 copy of your printed book.

Direct E-Book Publication

This is digital era. Today your presence on social media and availability of your book on eBook publishing platforms is must. Hence even if you don’t want to go for print you can completely rely of eBooks as it comes with several advantages.
We will publish your eBook. you just need to provide us Manuscript, in PDF or word format.




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    ती ईबुक म्हणून प्रकाशित करता येतील काय?
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