About Us



About Us/आमच्या बाबत

We are E-Book Publishers.

Since 2014 we are working creatively hard to unlearn, learn and relearn the fundamentals of E-Book industry.

Through 'Bronato.com' we are taking forward our mission of providing best E-Book Reading experience to our readers and at the same time focusing the needs of authors and associated publishers.

आम्ही ई-पुस्तक प्रकाशक आहोत.

२०१४ पासून आम्ही ई-पुस्तक उद्योगातील मुलभूत संकल्पनांवर सृजनशील कष्ट करीत काही गोष्टी मोडून काढून, नव्या शिकून व त्यांना उत्तमरित्या आत्मसात करीत आहोत.

'ब्रोनॅटो.कॉम'च्या माध्यमाने आम्ही आमच्या वाचकांना उत्तम ई-पुस्तक वाचनअनुभव व आमच्या लेखक व संलग्न प्रकाशकांच्या गरजांना केंद्रित ठेवून सेवा पुरवण्याच्या ध्येय्याला पुढे घेऊन जात आहोत.

Our Story

It started with sleeplessness in 2014. The immense potential of E-Books made Shailesh K stay 'awake' dreaming all possibilities this industry can explore.

If things take away your sleep they are your dreams. With no knowledge of making E-Books or rather Any book passion was the only driving force which made Shailesh K learn every aspect of E-Book industry.

There was great scope for creativity and he followed it and the result is Bronato.com which will grow henceforth.

We are 'Publishing Dreams'.

Hello World...

Hi All, I am Shailesh Khadtare. Lets meet to talk more your writings and how we will take it to your global readers through  an eBook.

bronato prof

Shailesh Khadtare

Founder of Bronato

Passionate to publish your dreams.