About Us


About Us

We are eBook Publisher from Mumbai, India. You can download Free Marathi eBooks as well as buy eBooks. Since 2014 we are working creatively hard to unlearn, learn and relearn the fundamentals of E-Book industry.

Through ‘Bronato.com’ we are taking forward our mission of providing best eBook Reading experience to our readers and at the same time focusing the needs and wants of our authors and publishers.

आम्ही ई-पुस्तक प्रकाशक आहोत.

२०१४ पासून आम्ही ईपुस्तक (ईबुक्स) उद्योगातील मुलभूत संकल्पनांवर सृजनशील कष्ट करीत काही गोष्टी मोडून काढून, नव्या शिकून व त्यांना उत्तमरित्या आत्मसात करीत आहोत.

‘ब्रोनॅटो.कॉम’च्या माध्यमाने आम्ही आमच्या वाचकांना उत्तम ई-पुस्तक वाचनअनुभव व आमच्या लेखक व प्रकाशकांच्या गरजांना केंद्रभागी ठेवून सेवा पुरवण्याच्या ध्येय्याला पुढे घेऊन जात आहोत.

Our Story

It started with a sleepless night of 2014. The immense potential of E-Books made Shailesh K. stay ‘awake’ dreaming all avenues the E-Book industry can explore, excel and can revolutionize.

“Things that take away your sleep are your dreams”.

With no knowledge of making E-Books or rather Any book, passion was the only driving force which made Shailesh K. learn every possible aspect of E-Book industry.

There was great scope for creativity and he followed it. The reward is Bronato.com. Created for evolving, adapting, surviving and making dent in the universe.

Hello World…

Meet Shailesh K. He is head, heart and hand of Bronato.

He Loves eBooks and working for best user experience. ‘Developing systems’ and ‘finding solutions’ are the two things he can hardly get bored of.

Shailesh K

Passionate for Publishing Your Dreams.